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Determining Ray Paths of Upward Propagating Helioseismic Waves above Sunspots from the Photosphere to Corona



Presentation Type: Oral

Session: Session 2: Motions Near and Above the Solar Surface


Recently, through applying a time-distance helioseismic analysis technique on a suite of observations covering from the photosphere to the corona, we have found that the p-mode waves in sunspots are able to channel up through different atmospheric layers into the corona. The waves show a clear frequency dependence along the paths they travel through. Study of these waves is expected to help determine the properties of atmosphere above sunspots, such as temperature, density, and magnetic field strength and inclination. However, a precise determination of the ray paths for waves of different frequencies is an important first step leading to the investigation of the atmospheric properties. Through applying a ray-tracing method on the wavefront, obtained through our previous analyses, we are able to determine the ray-paths along which waves of different frequencies channel up into the corona.